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Are we praising our children too much?

This is an era of showcase parenting.

“My child writes poetry at eight.”

“Mine reads biographies at ten.”

“ Mine learnt how to play the piano at six.” … 847 more words


S.A.S.S.--Starving Artists Support System

Tonight, my friend and I were talking about esteem and faith in one’s self and pursuing the arts. He is interested in producing, writing, and directing film projects. 655 more words


Dare Ya!

Dear Zany Reader,

Well, at least you have to be zany if you’re reading this…come on, I named my blog Prancing Pink Hippos…who does that? Answer: ME! 531 more words


Don't See What I See

This post is tough to write. It’s me being vulnerable about something I don’t talk about publicly…or even with most of my friends. It’s a little part of me that festers and hurts, but I deny is a problem. 750 more words

reflection. {a poem}

this morning
i looked in the mirror
and for the first time
i didn’t see
my mistakes,
i didn’t see
my circumstances,
i didn’t see… 54 more words


84: Understand That Your Choices Are Yours Alone

Topic: Understand that every single choice you make today – and everyday – is yours alone. Go forward making choices that do not allow the noise around you to change what is true to you. 265 more words

How The Disability Blame-Game Works

Having a distinctive trait that separates you from “normal” can easily become a go-to excuse for all of life’s problems. When that trait is living with a disability, it can soon mean that nearly everything is fair game to be blamed on physical impairment. 753 more words

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