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Common Myths About Self-Defense for Women

Myth: Women are at a distinct disadvantage when attacked by a larger, stronger male predator.

Fact: Ever been bopped in the nose by a baby in your lap? 627 more words

Self Defense

Rabyd Philosophy – Engaging Classical Liberalism - Anarcho-Capitalism

Time to hit the last school of thought in classical liberalism libertarianism. – Anarcho-Capitalism.  Here is the synopsis of the video.

The two big names associated with this school are Murray Rothbard and David Friedman.   505 more words


Misconceptions and Assumptions of Self Defense

There are many misconceptions and assumptions when it comes to self defense. The truth is, many people would not know what to do if they needed to defend themselves. 545 more words

Self Defense

The Five Orange Pips

The Five Orange Pips

Get ready for some stuff that may or may not be accurate.

Mary is away, so the boys will play. John is having a sleepover at Sherlock’s house. 1,635 more words


Should I defend myself?

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” – Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

I thought I’d start this blog off with a quote from an actual conversation that took place between myself and a guy in a pub one evening: 1,169 more words

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Self Defense: Take Control of the Situation

For many years now, I’ve been working on my karate skills. Just last August, I achieved my black belt – an achievement I’m very proud of it. 486 more words


Self-Perfection vs Self-Preservation

We’re going to start changing gears a bit and get out of the head and more into some self-defense training.  Before I start posting too many articles on the subject of self-defense we need to differentiate between two styles of drills performed in martial arts; self-perfection and self-preservation. 640 more words

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