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What is your success style?

Everyone has a unique success style based on their preferences and values. No style is better than another; however, understanding your style will help you take steps to maximize success in your life. 519 more words

80/20 Rule

What does success look like for you?

The definitions of success are:

  • accomplishing a goal or purpose.

  • attaining popularity or profit.

Each person has his or her idea about what qualifies as success. 194 more words


krishna das love

listening to a krishna das interview last night before bed, put me to sleep for the first night since getting to vegas.  i love this man’s voice and energy.   457 more words


What was the catalyst that changed your life?

By Robyn

The title is exactly what this blog will be about. Have you really thought about this? Was it when you decided to buy a donut,  and that made you thirsty?   741 more words

Mental Health

We Are Inconstant

Despite the many problems we have in this country, we are still among the most fortunate people in the world. While we must continue to strive to improve our country and our world, we also should not forget that we have probably the highest quality of life in the history of mankind. 361 more words


Wake up, smile, get up, go

I’m just waking up and I’m feeling great. Today my roommate flies in to get the rest of his belongings and become my former roommate. I’m really looking forward to living alone again. 108 more words

Self Awareness

Sandstorm in the Mind

There’s a telling contrast between what catches our interest and what we blend out.

The World Health Organisation says 1,240,000 people died on the roads in 2010.   422 more words

Self Awareness