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St. Augustine and the Secular

What is secularism?  Many people have woefully inaccurate assumptions of what secularism is.  Secularism is not irreligion as many people think it means or is.  In fact, I would argue that even most dictionary definitions of secularism are sketchy at best.  1,527 more words


Secularism, Security and the Limits of the State: The Displacement Crisis and the Role of Religion Part One

Rethinking “security”, the role of the state, the secularist biases that exist in policy and practice around displacement and religion’s potential to address these problems are crucial issues to consider in terms of religion’s intersection with the global crisis of displacement. 3,035 more words


Lighten up

Islamic State’s campaign of barbaric violence is showing us the ugliest face of religion. What they’re doing seems extreme, but it is in fact hardly different from what people have been doing in the name of religions across the globe and throughout time. 706 more words


Defining Islamism.

There has been a curious holding of hands in recent years between the Western political far right and those of the Islamist persuasion, both insisting that any individual interpretation of Islam and the definition of Islamism are in fact one in the same. 1,589 more words


I pledge allegiance **Open to all**

It’s been a rather patriotic month, no? Time to reflect on what “patriotism” means to you. Doesn’t have to be with reference to “India” – patriotism to anything or any country will do. 111 more words

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