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Mauritius, 001

I finally had the guts to talk to you. And then, I lost it.

Dear Mauritius,

I have always liked that name. I am sorry that you have to be nonexistent. 152 more words


Share and Share a 'Like'

Ever since I’ve started this blog, people have contacted me, often secretly by direct message, to tell me how ‘brave’ I am for sharing such personal information in public. 1,053 more words

Just A Little Word of Encouragement..

I’m going to post something that I believe God wants me to say:

If you know someone who is talking about suicide, or saying they’re having suicidal thoughts – tell someone; even if they ask you not to, and to keep it a secret. 177 more words


My Dirty Secret

My Dirty Secret

I heard someone come in the door but I didn’t hear the normal rustling of keys that comes with Keith when he gets home. 670 more words


Fu Dog Speaks

Dark clouds gather

Low rumbling in the distance

The storm will soon be over head

Rain pouring in sheets

As the sky cracks and burns… 71 more words


The 31 Secrets My 20's Taught Me About Life

1. There will always come a point when I wonder what I ever saw in him anyway. It’s best to lift my chin, pull my shoulders back, and dance until my eyes are brighter than ever. 1,241 more words


Marie woke up feeling dizzy and all she could ask about is her aunt, Mirabel, who she has not set eyes on for one month. 2,128 more words