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*Breaking News!* share! Denmark Has Now Officially Demonstrated Their Support for the Whale Slaughter The whale killing thugs are killing whales with the assistance of the Danish Navy. Danish and Faroese police are flying into Sandur on the island of Sandoy. As to be expected people are cheering in Torshaven and other places. Although we have tried to prevent the killing and we have been successful for over two months, what is happening right now plays right into our hands. Now we have proof positive that the nation of Denmark absolutely supports this slaughter officially with their Navy and their police defending the inhumane slaughter of whales. Five land crew have been arrested and detained. Four that have been confirmed are: Maggie Gschnitzer - Team Leader (Italy). Nikki Botha (South Africa) and Monnique Rossouw (South Africa) and Sergio Teribio (Spain) Four Sea Shepherd fast boats are on the scene and have not yet been stopped. The bloody orgy of mass slaughter is underway and the bay is running red with blood. The police has arrested our film crew on the beach and have confiscated their film and cameras. Faroes Update Total Sea Shepherd Arrests 17 All taken by helicopter to Torshaven. Number of whales murdered: 33. Cheering adults and kids on the scene celebrating the death of the whales and the arrests, All excellent images for the case we intend to build against Denmark. Crew arrested from South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and France. *CALL TO ACTION TO OUR SUPPORTERS WORLDWIDE!* Please SHARE! "We need volunteers now to replace those removed by the Danish government" JOIN OUR SEPTEMBER CREW! You can still sign to volunteer for Operation Grindstop 2014! Sign up, and become part of the global Sea Shepherd Family, and do your part in saving the worlds oceans! Sign up here http://ift.tt/1x7Iae2 #Faroes #Grindstop #OpGrindStop #SeaShepherd #Denmark #FaroeIslands by seashepherd

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Direct-action activist organisation Sea Shepherd - in the news for making waves

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ships travel the Southern Ocean each year and attempt to disrupt Japan’s controversial whale hunt with direct-action protesting and interference. 135 more words