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Why a Masculine Priesthood is Essential

My thoughts about feminism, equality, and authority have provoked a considerable amount of controversy. Beyond the original discussion that sparked this off (about a month ago now), many comments have been left beneath… 2,517 more words


A Front Row Seat

Throughout our lives we hear people say profound things. Ideas that, to phrase it modernly, “blow our minds.” In my experience, hearing such things are oftentimes things I knew, but had forgotten, or didn’t realize I totally understood. 323 more words


Longing for the Presence

“If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.”

Moses said that. It’s recorded in Exodus 33, just after the Israelites rebelled against God by worshipping the golden calf. 878 more words

God's Attributes

Out of the Abundance of our Hearts


“A good person out of the good treasure of their heart brings forth good, but an evil person out of the evil treasure of their… 622 more words


Which Bible Translation?

I’ve preached from the NIV for 10 years.  It was the Bible of my youth, so I have sentimental attachments to it.  I’ve generally been happy with its balance of accuracy and readability. 680 more words


Over Zealous?

My friends know that I am extremely passionate about my faith, family and beliefs; some consider me over zealous.  In fact Paslm 69:10 describes me to a ‘T’ … 1,640 more words


A Prayer for Wisdom and Understanding

Lord I come to you right now, seeking spiritual wisdom and understanding.

The apostle Paul prayed for this many times and throughout your word it has been mentioned to seek wisdom. 194 more words