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8/29/14 Hunter B

Congratulations East house to our first full week of academic learning. Just a reminder that the blog assignment is due tonight at eight!

Today’s class started with SSR prior norm, and then admin announcements. 250 more words


8/27/14 Hunter B

Today in English class we had our literary devices quizzes passed back. Mrs. Edwards parted some sage advice onto us, It’s just a number and it’s only the first week. 281 more words


11:22 in the P.M.

Twenty-two. Favorite number. No clock rockin’ over here. Too many cats trapped in the machine. Time.

Book-worming. Thought chasing. No company to keep. Enjoy the silence. 57 more words


8/26/14 Hunter B

Today in Mrs. Edwards class a lot happened. We started SSR, it took the class six minutes to settle down and get reading. Don’t forget your book because SSR may only be 10% of your grade, but it can save you in a pinch. 395 more words


Don't Cling to Paper Nails

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I decided I wanted long nails. So, I got out my school paper (because it was the only paper I had; you know, the kind with lines), traced both my hands on it, and proceeded to draw “long” nails on my sketched fingers, taking great care to measure each thumb, pinky, ring-finger, etc. 1,344 more words


Service Opportunity: Readers and Scribes wanted

Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services is looking for student volunteers to be Readers and/or Scribes for students when they come into the testing rooms in the STR 313 area. 33 more words

Service Opportunities