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TV vs. Feature Films (Vince Gilligan)

Back in 2010, J.C. Frenan of Slant Magazine asked Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan this question, ‘You’ve worked in both television and feature films. Do you have a preference for either one?’ 172 more words


Argument Set-Up: you got a problem with that?

With help from Joseph Harris and Gerald Graff, we have begun to think and rethink argument as something both social and dynamic–something that moves and responds to other arguments, other ideas. 1,168 more words

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My "About" Just Keeps Getting Longer!

If you have a website or page as a writer, start up or entrepreneur, it is important to update your “about” page with your latest achievements. 54 more words


Foot Fetish


BRIDGET (32, smart, enthusiastic) dressed in a business suit, stands over her desk and collects various documents from it. 449 more words


This Labor Day, 2014...

…I salute the old Chinese lady who started digging through my recycling a half hour after I put it out. All kinds of work goes on all around us all the time, and this is the day we set aside to bless it. 370 more words

Going To War

ew years back I teamed up with another writer on a screenplay. (My policy is try anything once). Together we wrote a treatment. We submitted it to one of the Canadian government film financing agencies. 586 more words

The Journey