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The Hidden Tools Of Comedy: The Complete Film Courage Interview with Steve Kaplan

I’ve got to admit, when I first started watching this video, I was dubious of what I could learn. You can’t teach comedy, I thought, there are no rules. 32 more words


Introducing The Process

My brother, Lucius Patenaude, recently started a collaborative blog created for and written by young professionals, artists and dreamers. It’s called The Process and it’s hosted on Medium.com. 27 more words


Moose, squirrel, and two guys in drag

It’s been a very long time since I attempted to write a script that did not involve the phrase “rollercoaster ride” as part of the description. 233 more words


Writing 'Water Cooler Moments'

Just a few days ago Breaking Bad in its final season won its fourth Emmy for best drama. The AMC show averaged over nine Emmy nominations per year in its five-year run. 352 more words


Tomorrow Never Comes

Things haven’t changed much in the past year. I’m still not pulling my weight. I’m still not seeing the fruits of my labor. I’m still languishing in what the fuck am I doing ville. 843 more words

Tea with Nan


JACK (20) sits on an old floral couch in the centre of a seventies style house, pastel colours and wooden panelling dominate. 578 more words


The Art of Screenwriting Part 2: Books and Resources for Beginners

In today’s article I will be picking up on my series “The Art of Screenwriting”. In my first article I discussed ways to take an idea and flesh it out. 676 more words