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Bloodier, Gorier and More Violent—Bathed in Blood is out!

Come dine with the cannibals for only 99cents.

A civilization teetering on collapse

A people demanding freedom

A cannibal horde hungry for fresh meat.

Six people marked for death. 49 more words


2.7: Morning Talk with Father Jeb

Source: Shortwave Broadcast, somewhere in Nevada
Date: 5 Feb 41

Father Jeb: (Midwest accent): That song always lifts me up. Restores my faith in the world, as I hope it does for you, too. 3,414 more words


2.6: Suzanne Anderson

Location: ECNN, Jersey City
Date: 5 Feb 41

Val Velderaz: …And there the drone has completed its insertion maneuver, the paper falling back into place behind it. 830 more words


2.5: Chuck

Location: Outpost FG-9
Date: 5 Feb 41

For seven years, Chuck ran Murray’s Saloon. He’d bought the saloon from Chin, a Japanese-Samoan from California who ran it for two years before a weak heart sent him off to spend the rest of his days fishing in Alaska. 1,765 more words



The pilot checked his navigation instruments one last time to ensure he was at the correct coordinates. Landing on the wrong planet could prove dire to his intentions. 203 more words


Progressive Science Fiction - Part 5

Part 4 discussed the third of the first of the four points below about how the cutting edge science fiction was becoming less available in the shops due to: 1,127 more words

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