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As a general rule I don’t review classic literature. Better minds than I have pondered for decades what better writers than I have penned. There are also other readers and bloggers to consider– people who have spent their careers pondering the virtues of their favorite books– people who are ready to defend the classics, should a novice like myself raise a question without the requisite thousand hours of preliminary research. 891 more words

Guest Writers

Singularity Book Store - Brooklyn, NY

My favorite bookstore in the entire galaxy, and it happens to be in the spiral arm of Brooklyn, just an F transit away from my place in Manhattan. 17 more words


Book Review: Seeker, by Jack McDevitt


 A decent novel by Jack McDevitt, won a Nebula and all that. But what about the story?

 This is an Alex Benedict novel, the second in a series, which I started first. 448 more words

Science Fiction Books

Storm Siren - A BookLook Book Review

There is just something magical about picking up a hardbound book, flipping the pages and touching their gritty texture and feeling the weight of words transfer into vivid imagery inside your head. 948 more words

The Darwin Elevator: A Review

The Darwin Elevator is the first book in Jason M. Hough’s Dire Earth Cycle series. It takes place in a future where most of the world’s population has succumbed to a disease that either kills or leaves a person in a “sub-human,” or zombie-like, state. 336 more words


Book Review: Ancillary Justice!

Ancillary Justice

First Impressions:

Gender, culture and religion. Mercy and Justice – mere moral codes or actual beings, ships that think, that have AIs (artificial intelligences), that love to sing and create and *gasp* have emotions and feelings – such as jealously, love and revenge. 521 more words

Science Fiction Books

New Kindle Book: Giant Land Octopus!

Giant Land Octopus

Yes its as preposterous as it sounds!

When there’s no more food in the ocean, it will feed on land!
15 years after a baby octopus is flushed down a toilet it suddenly returns to wreck havoc on a small Texas community. 60 more words

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