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Science Writing Journey - Week 3

I had another exciting week interning with the New Statesman team.

We relocated to a new office in Farringdon, so now I sit next to a window (perfect for… 281 more words


Google Docs for Scientists

Science is inherently a collaborative effort, and at least once a month I encounter someone who mentions in passing some trial or tribulation they had when sharing documents.   620 more words


Google+ For Scientists

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the role that social media plays in science. And while friends are fond of pointing out that I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, colleagues at various labs usually shoot me a quizzical look when I bring up the subject. 424 more words

Science Blogging

Botcasting: Listening to your Journal Feeds

If you’ve worked at a lab before, you’ve no doubt noticed a certain rhythm to the day. People come in early, setup their experiments, and by 10 the experiments for the day are underway, and the scientists are working on email (or Facebook), or are in the gym or are in the midst of a morning run around campus.   403 more words


A Pocketful of Rye

Unlike the Agatha Christie mystery referred to in the title of this piece, there are some mysteries that seem to defy a single answer.  One of those mysteries is how most scientists manage to keep up-to-date given the growing avalanche of developments in their fields.  698 more words