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Böhm, Schubert, Symphonie 9

Title: Böhm, Schubert, Symphonie 9
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Format: 1 LP (1979)
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With Change Comes Remembrance: Giving into Nostalgia

At every metaphorical crossroad in my life, I have found myself returning to the words, the places, the music, the art that carried me before.  509 more words

Schubert - Symphony No. 5 with Abbado, Maazel and Harnoncourt

In The Tel-Aviv Soloists’ opening concert of the 2014-2015 season, we will perform Schubert’s fifth symphony. Here are three different interpretations of this masterpiece. Which one do you prefer? 168 more words


The power of lieder compels you

One of the dangers of returning to the Amazon recently browsed section is you I might not resist a(nother) dirt cheap Tito. But what if the… 83 more words

Mezzos & Contraltos

Look At My Tiny Pink Schubert Canary

The Facebook Messenger app has been in the news recently because of privacy and stuff, but I don’t care about that because look: a pink canary thing! 827 more words


Response to Music #1: Vanity (1994) by Richard Barrett

Man, I love this work. I really really love this work. I wish I wrote it.


Richard Barrett, Vanity (1994) is a work for a super large orchestra (not Wagner proportions, but still pretty large!). 484 more words