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Discovery: College, Chaos & Regrets

I was going to start this post off with the imfamous words – it’s funny. Which leaves the reader thinking: What? What’s funny? When it’s actually not funny at all. 270 more words


September Goals

I can’t believe it’s my third year of university already! Yesterday my parents drove me to Montreal and I unpacked and settled in with my roommates. 439 more words


School, Bread, and other Amazing Things that Everyone Loves

It has been quite a few busy weeks here in the Niesbach-Linz household. I started my first day of senior year, managed to show my family some fine examples of southern cooking, get lost in Bonn for an hour, and become an “official” citizen of Bonn, amongst many other things.  682 more words

Foreign Exchange

5 Things I Didn't Learn In School

In school I learned how to calculate the area of a circle and how to count to ten in Spanish. But all I really wanted to know was how to kiss a girl. 328 more words

An astonishing lack of drive

As of right now, I am sitting in the dining room in my jammies waiting for my tablet to be delivered. My suitcase is unpacked and the hairballs in my room are still weaved into the carpet. 349 more words


Back To School

School, for me, is literally 2 days away and since it’s my last year I did my best to not buy anything new apart from notebooks. 213 more words

Back To School

First Week of School, DONE

Oh my goodness, what a rush the first week was!
If you follow me on my instagram, I am sure you saw the videos I posted, 715 more words