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YMWave - Revision B Schematics

The PCB files of this board revision are sent to the factory. This new version will include a mono switch and separate channel outputs. These boards should be error-free, and therefore sellable. :)


Create your own PCB - Step 2 : Schematics

Hi guys !

As promised, today I will talk to you about drawing your schematics.

For those who may ignore it, a schematic is the abstract representation of all the components (microcontrollers, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, motors, etc.) you will implement in your circuit. 265 more words


Daily Datsun - drivin' during day...only

“Drivin during day…only”?

Yep – headlights. out. I tried fixing the rocker switch issue and ended up doing something else, to where the headlights don’t even turn on anymore! 233 more words


Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines


A new book for a new day – Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne (published in 2008). I’ve been reading this book for about a week, but haven’t posted. 423 more words


My first sweater and why I want schematics

OK, this isn’t my first attempt at a sweater, but it will be the first I finish, by gum! It’s for my grand-nephew. The first in his generation. 772 more words