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# 260: What A Nonsmoker Gets Out Of Four Cigarettes.

I did not realize this when I was smoking, but it is true. For every cigarette a smoker smokes, a nonsmoker gets the equivalent of two to three times everything. 169 more words

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I Should Be Working, But...

I just spent all morning with a chain smoker. I shuttled her up to UNMC (well, actually, the Clarkson Doctors Building south)for an appointment and am now so polluted with cigarette smoke that I can barely focus. 162 more words

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Dreaming With a Jaded Heart

When my heart breaks, I don’t stop myself from feeling like shit by reminding myself that someday someone will love me and it will all fall into place. 53 more words

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How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

In the western world we don’t like our Christianity uncomfortable. If we are honest we want comfortable Christianity.  We want safe missions trips absent of any danger.   761 more words


R.I.P. Lauren Bacall

Another one gone.  She’s lived a long life and such a statuesque lady.  We love watching her movies!  R.I.P. Mz. Bacall.   Bogie and Bacall now together again… 217 more words


What does "Christ-centered" preaching mean?

What does “Christ-centered” preaching mean? Well, unfortunately it has become more of a slogan than a carefully defined methodology. There are some who have thought through it carefully, but there is no unified vision for what this looks like. 148 more words

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Honey Lime Dressing and my love of the Magic Kingdom

Every once in awhile I get a craving for Disney. Okay, who am I kidding, I am always thinking about Disney. If you read any of my “crap about me” … 625 more words