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I wanted to run

I write poems from time to time. This is a poem I wrote today:

I wanted to run and hide.
I wanted to for a long time. 64 more words


High functioning

I am functioning

But in pure panic mode

I am awaiting the hours until

Pure panic

Will be released

I can’t cry

As I am in public… 113 more words

Do You Sing In The Shower? This Is Why I DONT!

First off, I sounded waaaay better when I used to sing in the shower – And secondly, I would have literally POOPED in the tub if this happened to me. 96 more words


The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had to Do

This post is probably the most personal and private I’ve written so far. It’s hard for me to write, and that’s exactly why I’m forcing myself to write it. 1,188 more words

Enter the room of friendzone

I was talking to my close friend and she was explaining about this guy who is really trying to get with her but she just want to be his friend. 606 more words


New Year, New Me

So school is starting tomorrow…  I’m scared I will be alone again this year.  The only thing keeping me going is that after this I don’t have to see anyone from my school again.   70 more words