Awesome Villa Nilsson in Sweeden

Öresund ar as it is known in English: the Sound, situated in two countries, is this only 4 kilometers wide (at the tightest point) strait that separates the southern Sweedish province of Scania from the Danish island Zealand. 179 more words


Centurion #82

As some of you will know #82 has been up for sale in Ireland for a little while. The truck looked in half decent condition as it is complete and comes with the badges. 117 more words


End of August

It is the end of August and the weather is still changable between sun and a little rain.The pictures are from a  suburb in Malmö. More pictures on… 6 more words


Old Swede

After some exotic posts (no – not that kind) over the past few days we go back to basics with this humdrum, but excellent, ancient Scania LB 141 truck by Flickr’s… 41 more words


Still summer

It is in the middle of August and the schools have begun. The weather still changes between warm and sunny, to rain and back again. It can be fine until the end of august or the beginning of september, then it slowly begins to be autumn. 121 more words