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Sausage Cannelloni

So I could’ve sworn I bought jumbo pasta shells when I went to the grocery store. I remember standing there trying to decide whether to buy shells or cannelloni and I thought I chose shells. 308 more words

Weeknight Cuisine

Life Goal: Happy Hearts & Bellies

A few months back I changed the title of my blog to better suit myself and the way I cook, Not Pinterest Perfect. I cook to make people feel loved and, although I try to make my food look as beautiful as possible, it often does not look perfect in its final picture. 677 more words


Lunchbox #2

Here is tomorrow’s lunchbox. Hoping for much more success with the contents. I’m not sure about the box itself though. It’s cute, and probably great for a grownup, but I think it’s a little too hard for a kid to close. 223 more words


BF Sausage Cart



Main Location: 200 N First St, outside of Bachelor Farmer

Despite the fact that Marvel Bar is indeed my absolute favorite place to grab a cocktail in the cities, I have in fact been there on multiple occasions (which I can rarely say for other alcohol establishments besides a bare few), my visits to their restaurant connection and origin… 990 more words

"Is Sausage Paleo?"

The answer is yes. So much yes.

We’re still working on plating, as you can see. But with a little time we’ll be making food that’s both delicious AND pretty. 96 more words


Sausage and Apple Dressing - More Than Microwaving

The other day, I shared my recipe for Honey Cracked Black Pepper French Bread.  Two loaves of French bread doesn’t seem like much, but we never seem to eat it before it starts to mold – especially not in the summer.  431 more words



Oh my goodness! Extreme excitement! I thought I already blogged about this weeks ago, but I suppose I forgot.

You know that awesome German celebration of harvest with beer, fantastic costumes and an absurd amount of great food? 174 more words