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Les Amants du Flore

Yesterday I watched it again. last year, when i saw it for the first time, i did not realise many moments of it. it happened occassionally, my interest in Sartre. 400 more words

Selling the Soul

“If You’re Poor, Stop Being Poor”- Todd Wilemon

If you wish to take a minimalist approach in an attempt to simplify a complex system of sickness with myriad variables in order to espouse personal political rhetoric, perhaps you should reflect on why the sensationalist exploitation of tragedy moves you so easily. 305 more words

My Life

Lesson 14: God did not create a meaningless world.

I always get tripped up by the term “God”. What is meant by God in ACIM? Ground of being? Ultimate reality? Not sure, but go through the list below and it is obvious we human beings have created most of the things I fear: 387 more words

Kenneth Wapnick


„Deși binele este același pentru individ și pentru comunitate, totuși lucru mai mare și mai perfect trebuie să fie a întemeia și a păstra binele societății. 2,174 more words


Sartre Did Not Care About Your Business

Last week I read an article entitled: “Existentialism for Entrepreneurs By Larry Page“. The article talked about how businesses and individuals could leverage existentialist principles in order to successfully make their businesses better. 706 more words


Seul contre tous

He was free, free in every way, free to behave like a fool or a machine, free to accept, free to refuse, free to equivocate; to marry, to give up the game, to drag this death weight about with him for years to come. 366 more words