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David Lowery: Here’s how Pandora is destroying musicians | Salon

David Lowery has become both beloved and notorious over the last year as one of the musicians most critical of the ways musicians are paid in the digital era.

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Artists Rights Watch

How Enjoyable Hair Salon / JC Architecture by Feedous

Design and style Group: Johnny Chiu (lead), Nora Wang, Sunny Sun, Kenny Yang
© Kyle You
From the architect. How Exciting Hair Salon is situated in the most chaotic/trendy district in Taipei City. 35 more words

'Bring it': Salon writer to debate 'NFL’s toxic lies' with nonexistent Tea Party Rep. Steven Smith

Salon (the real one, not the parody) decided to troll America today with an article by Steve Almond entitled, “The NFL’s toxic lies: Here are the worst excuses fans use to justify watching football.” Almond, proprietor of againstfootball.org, proposed to examine why millions of fans choose to justify to themselves why they watch “a violent, commercialized sport that we now know can cause brain damage.” 509 more words


Kay Kay Cuts Salon Grand Opening

After a year of being out of beauty school it is finally happening for Kayla Drevers. The new up and coming hair dresser is now on to her next big project, her personal salon! 186 more words


End of the Summer Writing Round-Up, From Dorky to Nirvana to Trolls

Ahoy there,

Summer isn’t officially over, but Labor Day has passed, the maples are beginning to turn, the tourists have folded up their tents, and the garden is surrendering to blight, so change is certainly afoot. 556 more words