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Benefits Of Productivity Improvement Plans

The ATR Productivity Improvement Plan (PIP) for Sales People is designed to help Sales Managers improve the performance of individual sales professionals who are not performing to their full potential. 282 more words

Sales Managers

Salesforce: Use Force.com without Security Token


Every time after refresh, security token is changed. So this causes necessity of creation of new security token and sending it to your email. Then you have to update that information in Force.com IDE in your project settings. 235 more words


「コミュニティーが次の戦場」--セールスフォース、「Salesforce1 Community Cloud」を発表 [ #cbajp ]

Salesforce.comは米国時間8月27日、顧客エンゲージメントの向上を目的とした企業ブランドのコミュニティーサイトのためのプラットフォームを目指し、「Salesforce1 Community Cloud」を発表した。これは、顧客が集まって新たなコミュニティーを作り出すことで製品の販売促進に結びつくと考える同社の取り組みを製品化したもの。コミュニティーは今まで、顧客サービスやコラボレーションといった機能を有する他の製品の一部として存在していた。



Report Magic: Last Run of a Dashboard

I’m willing to bet that many organizations that have been running Salesforce for a long time have many dashboards and reports they no longer need or use. 951 more words


Positive Thinking Increases Sales!

Psychologist Martin Seligman spent several years studying the relationship between positive thinking and sales success. He found that the top 10% optimistic reps sold 88% more than the bottom 10% pessimistic reps. 74 more words

Salesforce Community Adds Customers And Partners To Growing Cloud

Salesforce.com announced the official release of the Salesforce1 Community Cloud today, essentially making their Communities product released in June, 2013 an official product with a cloud of its own. 593 more words


佐賀県庁、Salesforce1で農業支援へ~「イノベーション“さが”プロジェクト」 [ #cbajp ]