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Saint John East

Once upon a time, a long time ago, unions in the city of Saint John were powerful and the New Democrats could push the Progressive Conservatives back to third place. 482 more words

63 - Holiday on the Harbour

Despite the cool nights lately, this Labour Day was a warm one in Uptown Saint John. A light fog may have settled on the harbour and Bay of Fundy, but the son beamed down on the heart of the city, as we welcomed the passengers of the cruise-ship MS Explorer of the Seas to the area. 62 more words

62 - 'Time Piece'

Today I decided to once again play ‘Find This Piece of Public Art’ with SaintJohn365.com visitors. This amazing and unique clock-tower, created by John Hooper, in collaboration with Jack Massey is a riddle in itself that leaves visitors on their own to ‘puzzle-out’ how to tell what time it is using the tower, with no help from the artist. 44 more words

55 - 'In Honour and Grateful Memory of Our Glorious Dead'

On a summer afternoon, a shrouded figure stands upon the War Memorial in King’s Square, located in the heart of Saint John, New Brunswick.  This memorial, since it’s re-dedication now commemorates veterans of four major wars, including The Great War, World War II, the Korean War, and the War in Afghanistan.   47 more words

Me for the last time

I have made it to my last night in Saint John.

I tried to go to bed at 9:30 because I was tired, but the emotions have taken over.  310 more words

Saint John


In a bizarre riding that emcompasses Saint John’s North End, Millidgeville, and part of the East Side; Portland-Simonds is a smorgasbord of different aspects of the electorate. 546 more words

61 - Sunset on Loch Lomond

After a long day, and no photograph to post on the blog prepared, I can always count on an amazing sunset over the Loch Lomond to brighten up SaintJohn365.com

Enjoy! =)