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When ‘Good Enough’ Just…Isn’t

As a writer (and probably every other profession out there), we are always looking for the next, big thing. That next, super-popular post gone viral, our next 15 minutes of fame, or a new, original and undiscovered idea. 440 more words


I've got a secret...

So lately I’ve been LOVING my 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara by Younique!

I mean, I’ve always loved this Mascara at first stroke, but honestly I’ve fallen in love all over again! 175 more words

That Plexus Guy

Have you ever heard of That Plexus Guy? If you haven’t then you should definitely read this! His real name is David Strahan & he just happens to be one of my team members & my friend Candie’s husband. 431 more words

Health & Wellness

Stay At Home Survival: Week Three

Ok, so Week Two actually took me 2 weeks to complete because I think I took on too much.

My goal was to clean a little something each day so that eventually my whole house would be clean. 184 more words

Things of a culinary nature.

I mentioned previously that being a Stay at Home Mum gives you the ability to get creative in the kitchen Grandparent style. What an awesome perk right? 381 more words

The Truth is a Socioeconomic Downer … dude.

So. Yeah. It’s an interesting situation I’m in. I am a so called capable white female that is married to an able bodied white male with a full time job. 1,158 more words



People often tell me how they love the idea of RentBillow, but they are very cautious about entrusting their belongings to strangers. “What if they break it or steal it?” 253 more words