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Live from the Booth - Brussel Sprouts are not the Breakfast of Champions.

I was back doing my food testing this morning. It was in a different room than before. It was huge and held fifty people. The tables were divided by a white screen of wood. 810 more words

Of ice buckets, ALS, and missing grandmothers

My father Allen Tharpe took the “ALS ice bucket challenge” today. While it was hilarious, it was also sad…

His mother, my grandmother whom I never got to meet (but apparently very much resemble) died from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 264 more words

Sad Times

The best love message received!

Hi World,

This is the best message I’ve received off anyone!

My amazing,
My Immortal and My Blessing and a “Hope that I’ll be seeing”. 171 more words

True Ones Stay

When times are bleak
Hope falls away
False friends leave
But true ones stay.
In darkest times
Shine bright the latter,
Show they’re the ones
Who truly matter.

–Russ Towne


Each minute that passes there are people dying, and there are people being born. That’s life. My uncle (who I wrote about maybe a month ago) is currently dying. 276 more words

I'm sad

I’m sad. Me and my brother needs to use stars to play PC. also, my brother has some X’s so Then he can’t play *Cries*. I’m also sad because I think, “Why do i have to play piano when there’s unlimited time of computer?” also, this is not FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRRRRRR. 27 more words

Sad Times