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"Blue Bruised Night"

Having a blue night

Bruised as clouds throughout night skies

Slowly breathing

Slowly falling out

Slowly fading

Into blue darkness

Of this night 




stranded over the unending sky

across the endless.

i will embrace this forever.


i get to stare at you

as long as i want to.

there is no one else. 21 more words

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my heart is drowning

in the sea of strangers

without you

its hard to stay afloat

in times of trouble

when the waves distract the most of us… 30 more words

Poem Sanctuary


you lead me

to the riddles of no return

and that’s alright

i dont want to go back

i wont go back

you have always been my savior. 13 more words

Poem Sanctuary

Winter came early this year

A log in the woods
Dead and hollow
Providing a home for those who follow
I am the woods in the winter
Cold and dead but only for this… 59 more words

Isolated Self.

Shattered feelings,
Sharp devices,
Left alone to my own demise
And the black ocean starts to rise.
It seems that things have not changed
While these emotions haven’t increased in range. 61 more words


Pehli Si Muhabbat Hi Kaha Hai

pass bulaya tha kabi

Apne honto ki garm

Sanso se chuma tha

Kabi in hatho ko

Asman par chamkte mehtab

Ke ru-baru ik wada

Tumhara tha muj se… 46 more words

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