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A bit cynical...

I’ll admit, I am a bit cynical with the way “church” is in the institution. This “jaded” view comes from 12+yrs of my own adult experience in two separate churches, knowing the drama behind the scenes at both places. 785 more words


Freshman English and the Tipping of Sacred Cows

What a week.

My days have been so intense this week that I forget, moment by moment, what day it is. Mornings, I wake at 6 for my drive to Albuquerque, arriving at 8:30 and taking a shuttle to campus, then walking to class. 390 more words


Word Gods

Law and order, reason and rhyme,
The gods on pedestals that no one can climb.
They say what to do and in what way to do it, 152 more words


Appetizers of Annointed Angus

Or….more Sliders of Sacred Cow. I’m just trying to be clever with the titles right now. Maybe next time I’ll call it Burgers of Benevolent Bovine.  405 more words


Serving Sliders of Sacred Cow

Recently, I’ve been posting short little snippets over on the LITQM Facebook page. I lovingly refer to them as “Sacred Cow Sliders”. They aren’t the large, BBQ pit-master meals that I’ve served up over here, just small little snacks.  332 more words


Sacred Cow-Tipping

At the top of the Leader Frustration List is without a doubt the change-killer known as the Sacred Cow. While the cow comes in many colors and sizes, it can best be identified as the obstacle sitting squarely in the path of progress. 759 more words

Champion Of Change

sacred cows

Heather from TLT may have started a revolution.

Marge (whom I assume you all know because she’s a youth services guru) recently put a call out on the… 543 more words