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Victoria Petrenko: It’s time to call Russians Russian #RussiaUkraine #WordGame

 Victoria Petrenko.Bystanders watch a fire consuming a school in downtown Donetsk on August 27, 2014, after being hit by a shelling. Several civilians died when their car was completely burned after being hit by shell fragments in central Donetsk, the rebel-held city in eastern Ukraine. 445 more words


Battlefield: Bad Company game review

Overview: Definitely a game that makes you want to keep playing until you’ve completed it. With lots of collectible weapons, vehicles, tanks, and helicopters to fly, and a great story, this is overall a great game. 383 more words


LE-Merilyn (Lebetskaya). Large double/semidouble wavy white stars with pink shades, ruffled green edge. Slightly wavy leaves.

Селекционер: Лебецкая Е.

Цветок: Крупные махровые и полумахровые волнистые белые звезды с розовыми тенями и сильно гофрированной зеленой бахромой.

Розетка: Сильная розетка слегка волнистых листьев.

Размер: Standard


Pestraya Rapsodiya (Morev). Large white frilled edge pansy, two-tone light purple/purple spot on petals. Variegated, slightly wavy foliage.

Пёстрая Рапсодия (сеянец Морева)
Крупные белые бахромчатые анютки с сиреневым двухтоновым пятном на каждом лепестке. Очень обильное и раннее цветение, стойкие цветоносы. Пестролистная красивая розетка, форма листьев – слегка волнистая.


I Can See ‘Russians’ from My House — The Cold War Makes a Comeback, Thanks to Sting

Let’s Play Thermonuclear War!

Russia, the Ukraine, military invasion, tension, conflict, Putin, Obama… Oh brother, here we go again! If the news from Moscow is bleak of late, then turn off that CNN program and turn up the volume on your CD player. 671 more words

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Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Published on Aug 25, 2014

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced plans for a second humanitarian convoy to be sent to eastern Ukraine, urging all foreign actors and agencies to participate. 39 more words

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RS - Raznoperistaya Ptichka (S.Repkina), РС-Разнопёристая Птичка (С.Репкина). Single wavy white stars/bright pink tumbprint/blue fantasy. Dark green foliage. 2006.


РС-Разнопёристая Птичка (С.Репкина)
Крупные простые, волнистые белые звёзды с ярко-розовыми напечатками, усыпанными мелким синим фэнтези, на каждом лепестке ярким букетом покрывают тёмно-зелёную листву.
2006 год
(Описание автора).