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A fun filled weekend Pt. 1

Alrighty then, I will start with the beginning or the trip. So I will tell you about Zvolen Castle, it was the first real life castle I’ve ever seen, and my god it was beautiful and everything a castle should be (other than where I live haha). 430 more words

2 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words


As G K Zhukov said, “The Russian Army has two great generals, General January and General February”… it’s been a cool year, this year, so far… 41 more words


The Tragedy of the Ukraine: The Point of No Return is Inexorably Approaching


Right before the meeting of the contact group, junta strongman P A Poroshenko proposed to start with a clean slate, “We need to stop everything and start diplomatic negotiations.   544 more words


BMP-2 from Trumpeter

This long ago promised kit finally seems to be around the corner and what’s not to like. It looks it is going to be even better than their BMP-1, which was really nice piece. 53 more words



Now I do have special plans for this one….

It was rather quick build, though there are places where kit designers could do better! In any case Trumpeter kit is miles ahead of the old Dragon one which falls more in the category of toys rather then serious model kits.


Шкаф- cabinet

Masculine noun. Stand alone cabinet or Armoire.

Я ненавижу мой шкаф потому что это мельникый. – I hate my armoire because it’s small.