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Farming of yesteryear remembered & celebrated at show


Past memories.

And building memories.

The Rice County Steam & Gas Engines, Inc., annual Labor Day weekend show, which continues through Sunday, brought back many memories for me as I wandered among tractors and flea market merchandise and more for nearly four hours Saturday. 375 more words

Curing the Stove Black

We have had a good steady drizzle/rain for most of the day. Not a particularly good day to wash curtains, after all. Paul ran out and gathered some dry kindling and logs for a fire in the wood stove. 133 more words

busy as bees

We did a bunch of prep on the house getting ready for the electrician and the plumber.  We pulled all the trim and then cut the lath and plaster at 40 inches, and then hired a demo crew to come in and remove the lath and plaster below the cut so the other contractors can do their work quickly…. 223 more words

Small Farms

Pains and Gains--On Bikes and Bugs and Being Tough

Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship?

It’s Labor Day weekend; I’m laboring at my business. 617 more words


Fast forward to old age...

Today I mainly resemble a 90 year old, and not the racing-snake variety that whip past you in town.  No, I resemble the slow, doddery type that makes “old person noises” akin to a wounded dinosaur when required to bend, or move, or in fact to stay still.   367 more words

Rural Life

Lark Rise to Candleford

A cloudy and cool day arrived this morning here at the Farm. A marked contrast from our usual sunny blue skies of the last 2 months. 179 more words

Killer cats in action

The killer cats have been in action again today, kindly depositing a very dead and very large rat on the front doorstep overnight.  I say killer cats, although it should read cat as Bandit can just about a hunt a bowl of Whiskers biscuits if she tries really hard.   193 more words

Rural Life