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Runescape Penance Armour

When you think of it, the fates of Penance and Void Knight armour sets are very much alike to each other. Both of these armour sets were unlocked by playing PvM team minigames, they were very useful way past their intended levels and they were mostly used due to their offensive bonuses. 502 more words


Revolution Still Has The Very Old Glitch In Runescape

Revolution still has the very old glitch from when it launched that it will force you to start attacking again no matter what (whether auto-retaliate is on or even if the monster isn’t even attacking you) if you step away. 324 more words


In Runescape Hard Mode The Attacker Role Is Such A Grind

The second most popular option is the most telling if you ask me: 31% state they have no intention on playing the content, with 10% saying it really could have been better (for the sake of argument, just assume those that are saying “you didn’t enjoy it” are saying it could have been better). 260 more words

Runescape 2007 Gold

Runescape BA Post-Update

The mouth icon’s shout should get the – – – treatment when you’ve made the correct call and before the next. This would be much more distinctive that yellow/white font. 285 more words


Runescape Annoy

Hey, It appears we have encountered the same problem as the last 2 batch releases. You know, the whole issue regarding the servers literally having a fit due to a large amount of people trying to claim a name they desire. 326 more words


Fletching Diamond Bolts In Runescape

Gemstone bolts are utilized to create gemstone bolts (e), probably the most effective ammunition in the overall game. It may be very lucrative to make use of fletch gemstone bolts with gemstone bolt tips and adamant bolts. 200 more words

Runescape Guide

Hunting Pawya In Runescape

Pawya might be caught in Isafdar by baiting box traps with papayas. The traps should be baited to be able to catch the creatures. When taken, pawyas will yield raw pawya meat in addition to bones. 445 more words