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Honestly after the break up ive been having crazy mood swings. Like one minute I’ll be pissed off at what he did to me and the next id be bawling my eyes out wanting him to come back. 288 more words

How Do You Deal With Rude People in the Movie Theater?

When I shell out $10.50 to sit in a room full of strangers to watch a movie, I expect to watch that movie, despite that first part about being in a room full of strangers. 1,136 more words


How to Deal With Negativity or Sadness on Facebook

1. Delete
There is a lot of negativity that can go around so you should delete those who are typing away behind their safe zone of a computer. 205 more words

College Advice From An Introverted Mermaid

Messed up day

Today has been a day I just want to finish as soon as possible.

I won’t even be able to post this on the day I wrote it! 321 more words


Alright here’s another song. I’ve been pretty busy with all my classes and whatnot but I made this. I’ll try to post another next week as well but for now, here is my cover of the song “Rude”. I hope you enjoy it :)


Why you gotta be so rude?

Right now, I would rather talk to the boy who asked me out via Facebook than most of my best friends right now. Why? Because they are decided to hang out – without inviting me – and then send me various snapchats of all of the fun they are having. 289 more words