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Cat: Education or Entertainment? Dog: Why can't we have both?

Film is apart of every person’s life. If you have not seen a film in your life so far, you need to quickly crawl out from under that rock and run to a cinema or find a television. 359 more words


Rubbish Dayze!

My latest Photoshop attempt/masterpiece!  Such fun!  Got to love it.

The photo I took just yesterday in the street across the road from where I live. 330 more words



I’ve never had the urge,
to sally forth and splurge
with prompting from a television ad.

Car spruiking I abhor.
It’s something I’m not for… 85 more words


How the lack of lamb stew caused the downfall of a kingdom, and how its presence saved one man

14 November 2013
“吾以一杯羊羹王国,以一壶得士二人”: Dramatic Retelling of a Story from Ancient China

O lamb soup thy fearsome power
Doth fell kingdoms in darkest hour… 366 more words


Fire damage of beautiful viewpoint opposite Thatchers Rock, Torquay, Devon.

Fire damage to the beautiful viewpoint opposite Thatchers Rock, Torquay, Devon…seen today.

During a brief sunny spell this afternoon I went for a walk to Thatchers Rock. 197 more words