This riveting unsung 1977 American movie classic is not to be missed as it makes its rightful return to the big screen.  The film is a knuckle-busting thrill ride that deftly incorporates brilliant social and political commentary on crime, labor, and politics.   164 more words

2014 Movies

All That Jazz (1979)

All That Jazz

★ ★ out of 5

Directed by Bob Fosse

Starring Roy Scheider as Joe Gideon

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A dying musical theater director recounts his tales of womanizing, drug using, and directing his final show. 296 more words


Sorcerer (1977)

William Friedkin’s Sorcerer had the unfortunate timing in 1977 of being released concurrently with a movie called Star Wars, which people ended up liking a little bit. 406 more words


#302 Naked Lunch

(1991, David Cronenberg)
“Exterminate all rational thought”

David Cronenberg has built a career out of gross, weird films filled with things that shouldn’t be. But the quality can go either way. 769 more words


Practical Magic

Ok, the title of the article above is probably overselling today’s movie a little bit. Blue Thunder is a pretty standard, mid-level early ’80’s action flick directed by the good but kind of bland journeyman director John Badham just a few years before his career started a slow decline from blockbuster helmer of Saturday Night Fever to directing episodes of NBC’s “Hey, let’s take all the wrong lessons from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and apply them to a weekly TV series!” trainwreck Heroes*. 509 more words


DVD@home for Aug. 26: Blended, The Love Punch, Welcome Back Kotter

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Marquee and cheese

Blended (2 stars out of 5) — From moment this movie begins with a bad blind date at Hooters, you know this romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is going to feel entirely contrived. 637 more words


Jaws (1975)

A series of bizarre deaths plagues a small community. Local officials, unable to deal with an emergency of this magnitude call in the pros from Dover. 1,127 more words