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The REAL "Rosie the Riveter"

In honor of Labor Day, I have decide to dedicate today’s post to all the women who took up the call during WWII, like the famous character, Rosie the Riveter. 196 more words

The Wonder Kat Diaries

Happy Labor Day!

Everyone put on your white jeans and kick back with a cheap beer,  it’s labor day!

Real-life WWII 'Rosie the Riveter's dream comes true, meets the Blue Angels

The dreams of two women, one of whom was a real-life “Rosie the Riveter” during WWII, came true earlier this month when their wish to meet the Blue Angels was granted. 271 more words


I've worn some clothes lately

I’m having difficulty keeping up with things like blogs and Etsy and such this summer. Work has been crazy and draining, leaving me with little energy for much else in the evenings. 634 more words

Keep The Spirit Of '45 Alive! August 9th Festival In San Jose

Dear Readers-
Saturay August 9th is the Keep The Spirit Of ’45 Alive festival in San Jose at History Park https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaSpiritof45

It is a great time for vintage fans as well as any military enthusiast. 19 more words

Lizzie the Royal Riveter

Yes, that is Queen Elizabeth as a fresh-faced 17 year old. I know she’s been the Queen since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but you really do get a sense of her long history in this cover by Cecil Beaton (fun fact: did you know she was born in the same year as Marilyn Monroe?). 408 more words


Si se puede.

Two peas in a feminist pod over here. Find Bey’s photo here on her Instagram. Mine is from the lovely and talented Meg Wethersfield Photography.