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A thing of the past took lately to humming
its outmoded melody, plaintively strumming
and plucking an old mandolin in my head—
a down-dragging dole from the dead… 92 more words


Like Nothing Happened

                          Like nothing happened, moonlight floods named streets
                          the wrong direction, masked by self-deceits
                          repeated one too many nights, then said
                          to have been known for how she made her bed… 89 more words


week 305 ~ the sea is blue

the sea is blue
and I am glad
the sea is blue
I’m here with you
sun shining through
in daydreams clad
the sea is blue
and I am glad


You Left Me

You left me to endure alone,
The only love I’d ever known.
You enticed me, pulled me astray,
Tore out my soul, left it to fray. 66 more words


The Irony of Courage

Take the leap, do not be afraid,
A lone soldier, not the brigade,
Escapes the bullets with a hiss
From snakes that bring eternal bliss – 69 more words

week 303 ~ slip the noose and run free

slip the noose and run free
you will get out of this
walk away leave it be
slip the noose and run free
life is more than you see… 18 more words


Will you come with me?

Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere away,

Where the breeze is gentle and children play

With rays of sunshine beside the seashore;

Where clocks are banished and time is no more – 83 more words