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Rome - Arriving and day 1

After an uneventful flight to Rome, we arrived and took possibly the longest coach journey to Rome Termini station ever through rush hour traffic. At the start near Fiumicino airport, buildings were high rise or suburban but as we neared the centre, small illuminated ruins came into view as well as rush hour Italians determined to plough into the coach at high speed. 405 more words


Spaghetti Carbonara, Pizza Quattro Formaggi, Gelati,  Gnocchi di Tartufo, Vino…And oo, some history. Six of the many reasons why you should visit Rome. The city of Rome breaths more than 2000 years of history, in land, but also in food. 159 more words


{Scuffle x Scoff} Gotta Talk to You

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“Because the sky is the only place I can talk to even before it ask a question…”
-Cho Rena 11,689 more words
Fan Fiction

Pinsere Roma, Roma, IT

This post ought to be titled, “Better Late than Never”… a year late, to be precise. Fortunately (or unfortunately, should the featured establishments cease to operate within the past year), I am rather undeterred on this very day, mostly driven by boredom that seems to drag on endlessly through these monotonous days of unemployment. 336 more words


Roma fotografia

Ice cream and culture – a must for a tourist in Rome.

During our stay in Italy we visited many monuments, saw old churches and statues, dined fine food and wine, and viewed original paintings such as The last supper and Michelangelo’s cealing in the Sixtin Chapel’s (inc. The Birth of Adam).

First stop, Rome.

After a grueling 36 hours of travel from Sydney, we arrived in Rome. 

Rome, the birthplace of Augustus. The conquerors, the thinkers, the scandalous. 

This wondrous place has always been a goal for me, a beacon of sorts. 318 more words