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Birth Unto Flame [Part 1]

As with many of Numeria’s androids, you were born as salvage. A group of ratfolk scavengers found several androids in stasis pods in an ancient foundry in the eastern wastes, but the process of “extracting” the dormant androids not only destroyed your kin but triggered the foundry’s self-destruct sequence. 386 more words

Saturday Spell-Cave In

“Get that door open!”

“It’s stuck!”

“We can’t handle this many goblins right now.”

“I’ve got it.  I’ll slow them. On Ki Loa”

166 more words


Type S Scout/Courier

Alongside the Beowulf and Empress Mavara class Traders, the starship that screams Traveller is the Type S Suleiman Scout/Courier.  I can hardly remember a Traveller games for the last three decades when a Type S didn’t make an appearance somewhere along the story line. 76 more words


RPGaDay - Day 29: Most memorable encounter

Short Answer: “As I walk through the valley of kobold death,” Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. 417 more words