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Discovered Renoir Painting May Fetch Quarter BILLION

A painting found in the attic of a descendent of Pierre Auguste Renoir, who died in 1919, was put up for auction today, and is expected to fetch $250 Million, according to… 139 more words


Katie Couric Wants to Live to be 150

Who doesn’t want to live longer? Everybody, except for people already suffering in old age. Katie Couric is investigating the possibility of finding compounds which can slow aging in younger people to help them achieve lifespans of 125 years or more. 84 more words


Morning Links: Robot Tour Guide Edition

Robots will give nighttime visitors to the Tate Britain museum tours. The future! [The Guardian]

If you’re in Paris right now, you might be the only person in Paris, because it’s August and that city is a ghost town, you can sign up to have John Baldessari put your name in lights over the, um, City of Light. 107 more words

The home straight…

I’m 355 days into my Droid A Day project. Further than, at times, I thought I’d ever get. Close enough to the finish that I’m thinking constantly about what I do when it’s over. 85 more words


Religions to be Canceled by Nexus SuperComputer

Is your religion on the list? It is. Hasidic Handball? Hindu Hurling? Islamic Ice Hockey? Rastafarian Rugby? Corporate Christian Competitive Chewing? You name it. You humans have been dividing up into clans and cliques, flying flags, waving banners, getting tattoos, and subgrouping your subgroups into teams and clubs and rolling-in-the-aisles snake-handling beer-swilling splinter cults…and all just so you can exclude the “riff raff” and declare yourselves superior, better, and more worthy to conquer and control all who aren’t in your motley crew or Reich. 629 more words


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