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Lilbot met a smaller cousin! USBbot turned up. Little & Large. 

Plus it was a lovely day for a run out in the woods!  19 more words


Tech Tuesday: The Robots Are Coming: Even to Cars!

Good afternoon! On this Tech Tuesday, we want to talk about those elusive characters that are often discussed in movies, those piles of parts that are at the brink of being unleashed into today’s mainstream society, otherwise, known as “Robots”. 256 more words

Tech Tuesday

Captain Earth - Episode 22: You got to be kidding me.

I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a show struggling so hard to express something as its end approaches. 1,237 more words


Meet the Bionic Kangaroo | The Edge | CNBC International

CNBC International, Aug 2014

Meet the bionic kangaroo, developed by robotics giant Festo to learn from nature for robotics. CNBC goes behind the scenes to learn the latest technological innovations.


So, are the robots really taking our jobs?

I’ll now refer back to a post I published a little more than a week ago, here. I encourage you too see this TED-talk from 2012, where Andrew McAfee discusses the automation and robot-society we might evolve into sooner than later, with a slightly more positive view. 28 more words

Thoughts & Theories

Tuesday: In My In-Between Dreams (T:IMID)

There it was. The Clusterpoint. The clicking colossus, the emphatic whir, hero of the humans. A metallic monstrosity. I glanced at the tiles beneath it’s heaving legs and wondered how they didn’t bow from the weight of the data. 144 more words