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The Corn Gods Must Be Crazy

Alex and I decided to be really stupid and drive to Minnesota last month.  It’s a two day drive, and I always forget that time seems to stop in Iowa, because it feels like an eternity to get through Iowa. 815 more words

Awkward Yet Hilarious

"Meow" means, "I love you"

We left the house later than expected this morning. Somehow cleaning and grabbing “just a few things” took 3 hours longer than anticipated. Poor Martina was at a loss when we finally had to pack her chair, but… 377 more words


Route 66

Spent most of the day driving through northeastern US, starting at 5 am on only 4 hours of sleep. The drive lasted for about 10 hours, so I’m exhausted. 168 more words


Road Trip Playlist: The Driving '90s Weekend Playlist

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever … Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. I was too busy singing along to… 141 more words


Buffalo Jump!

Most of us have heard of the “Buffalo Jump,” of course, but in all my travels, I had never actually seen the site of one before. 186 more words


Minimal packing: bare necessities

Once upon a time, I drove a quad cab long bed pickup. Then one of my friends was selling her Honda Shadow, so on a whim I took a motorcycle safety class and bought the bike. 213 more words

Road Trip

Weather in Hindsight

Weather is unpredictable. That’s how the saying goes but it isn’t really true; there is a whole field of science dedicated to the prediction of weather (I should know my sister studied it). 449 more words

Road Trip