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‘Painting a Tara’ pt. 2 c.2014

This is the second of an ongoing series of videos featuring me in process, in my studio, working on a Tibetan inspired White Tara painting (and a wearable art women’s flannel ‘wolfmoon’ and the ‘Mahaloness’ painting. 92 more words

Witchery: My First Healing Circle

I will always remember my first experience with a healing circle, well… most of it anyway, as a newly pledged witchling, learning the Gardnerian tradition, at that time. 993 more words


Ritual, Mourning and Esoterism

Oh Gautam! Air is that thread in which this world, upper world and beings are embedded–Vasjneyi samhita
Blessed Are They who Mourn–Quran
Man can never do without blood, torture and sacrifice-Deleuze… 2,178 more words


time for tea

This summer has been unusually glorious in Seattle. We’ve had maybe a total of five rainy days, the rest being gorgeous and sunny and warm. 331 more words

Women's Circle

I’ve been reading and enjoying Margot Adler’s “Drawing Down the Moon.” Several people in my protogrove decided to read it towards various ADF study programs and to honor Adler as an Ancestor.   965 more words


Words from Dionysos on Initiation

It has been a long time since I have channeled Dionysos for any reason. Recently, Hermes gave permission for me to so so again. Today, I felt him poking strongly enough that I felt that it was important to relate his messages. 1,622 more words


One, Two, Three, Four

Wash only the cracks on the floor

One, Two, Three, Four

Must count every spore

One, Two, Three, Four

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore… 46 more words

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