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Ritual ~ Drawing Down The Moon

After the circle is cast, The High Priestess stands in front of the altar with her back to it. She holds the wand in her right hand and the scrounge in her left. 525 more words

Western Mysticism


This opinion may be potentially controversial; I may be tipping a few sacred cows here.  If you disagree with me, cool, think for yourself; please don’t start drama with me in my comments. 1,680 more words


The Tree of Golden Coins

As the Greening Spirit, I teach about things that lift the human spirit.. music, the arts, spirituality and metaphysics/magic.  When I use the word “magic” I am referring to the power we have within us to live in Mystery by giving free reign to our creative imaginations, literally seeing things in a new way and bringing into some sort of form, and using the words we speak mindfully and consciously for transformation in our lives. 755 more words


Inhumane schedule

It’s been a while since I posted, unfortunately it’s not because I got a job where I’m properly employed. I’ve had a few managerial changes because manager #1 was stealing from the company, manager #2 was such a ball of chaos I had to leave. 276 more words

Dream Awake

This is the picture of my dream-awake catcher.  Initially it was my house catcher, as I had used it to catch a new house we bought a little over a year ago.  294 more words


Book Review: The Early Liturgy: To the Time of Gregory the Great by Fr. Josef A. Jungmann

Early Liturgy (University of Notre Dame. Liturgical studies)

This is the best introduction to the early history of Christian worship I have yet read. Jungmann begins with the earliest sources for Christian liturgy and proceeds to track the progress of developments in Christian worship practices up to the papacy of St. 228 more words