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Article 1 and Anansi

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

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School Stops Students From Witnessing

As we pray for students to be bold for Christ, help prepare them for potential opposition from other students and even the school officials!

A school in Arkansas has asked 5 students who were sharing their faith on campus to take their message off campus! 132 more words

Heard On Air

Where is the war/sacrifice/fight for our privacy?

“You simply need to tell your daughters not to be like Jennifer Lawrence.
Tell them not to be beautiful, because then it’s inevitable that strangers will think of you as nothing but a meat sack. 122 more words

Does A Prisoner Deserve The Right To Vote?

I would just like to say to start, thank you to those who have already liked and followed my blog.

I find this question appropriate as my first issue to contend with as it was only recently that the European Court of Human Rights upheld their previous judgement that all prisoners had the right to vote. 733 more words

English Law

Teacher Punished For Writing Fiction

Writers and artists are commonly known to suffer for their art, but there are some cases where the suffering is taken way too far. Middle school teacher Patrick McLaw is learning this first hand.  476 more words


Cops and your rights

It is too bad the government ruined people’s lives with all these stupid drug laws, just to gain power. They should be tried and shot for ruining our freedoms. 220 more words

News And Politics

The Illusion of Gender Equality

Egalitarianism, feminism and many others high-minded isms are the most common interests of many women. Fighting the lingering existence of men’s domination is the mission of many females and feminist organizations. 243 more words