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Book #61: The Gold Bug Variations, by Richard Powers

Let me preface this by saying that I’m a firm believer in the fact that there are far too many good things to read and watch for you to spend time reading or watching something you don’t like. 465 more words


Orfeo or Faith

“Paul swam in a sea of theories. Everything from the morning’s headlines to the license plates of buses had hidden significance. But Paul’s torrent of interpretations had something joyous to it. 165 more words

Read "To the Measures Fall," a Short Story by Richard Powers

“To the Measures Fall” by Richard Powers

First read-through: you are biking through the Cotswolds when you come across the thing. Spring of ’63. Twenty-one years old, in your junior year abroad at the University of York, after a spring term green with Chaucer, Milton, Byron, and Swinburne.

625 more words

Orfeo - Richard Powers

I have just received my purchased copy of ORFEO by Richard Powers
Atlantic Books 2014

This sounds as if it should serendipitously resonate with my very recent reading of ‘Doctor Faustus’ by Thomas Mann and my editorship-publication in 2012 of a multi-authored anthology book of Classical Music Horror Stories…

My eyes are bigger than my stomach

I have reading to do.

Do you ever go to a bookstore and get carried away with what you see? Of course with a bookstore there’s no time-limit. 954 more words


Blogging the Booker 2014/2

Orfeo by Richard Powers. I have a real problem with this novel, quite apart that is from its ridiculous dust jacket. The narrative is strong, the adventure quite engrossing but the core is undecipherable, unless of course you are a musician. 405 more words

The Echo Maker by Richard Powers

The Echo Maker by Richard Powers explores the fragility of the self. What makes us who we are? Are the people we love really who we thing they are? 1,373 more words

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