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August Notes from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Mélanie and I spent last week in Ashland, Oregon visiting friends, eating some great meals, and (for Mummy) seeing some great theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival… 555 more words

Tracy Grant

The Double Standards of the Cairo residents

“I think we have to change things by going after those who continue to slew the historical evidence at every possible opportunity. When a writer refers to Richard raising an army against a defenceless Woodville entourage in 1483 we need to respond with the evidence that he did the exact opposite and that it was the Queen’s party who raised a small army to escort Edward back to London and Richard who kept his men to a minimum. 275 more words

Richard III: Elected Monarch or Usurper?

From Barbara Gaskell Denvil:

“Very little reliable documentary evidence survives from the Middle Ages. The life and times of Richard III therefore remain a period of frustration and fascination for historians, scholars and interested amateurs alike. 2,599 more words

Richard III: Proposed Modern Film Adaptation (an excerpt of the script)

The following is an experimental modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard III , intended for film/TV. The excerpt of the script supplied here is for Act 1, Scenes 3 and 4. 1,933 more words


A Trip Through Time #2

The meme, A Trip Through Time, hosted by The Absent Historian is posted biweekly on a Friday. On the meme I will be taking a look at everything history related. 702 more words

A Trip Through Time

Blu-Ray Review: Richard III

Bringing Shakespeare to the big screen has always been problematic. Most of his plays have been made into films. Their adaptations sometimes adhere faithfully to the source text but are often updated to appeal to a modern audience. 295 more words

Film & Vision

OPINION: Famous Actors in Theatre

So, there was a time in the past when the actors in a play were irrelevant compared to the writer. You know, Oscar Wilde wrote a play, and on opening night there would be cries for the playwright and Oscar Wilde would walk out on stage and be showered with love and adoration and respect and there seemed to be an understanding of the idea that the actors were good in the play because he had written what was fundamentally a good play. 543 more words