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The Best Thing I Read This Week Is ...

Richard Feynman, from The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences

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Forget it all.  Nature does not know it.


Tim Ferriss and Richard Feynman

Tim Ferriss has an innovative way of looking at the issue of learning. His main point is that we can go about learning with greater efficiency if we follow some simple rules. 53 more words


Running with Richard Feynman: Day 1

This is yet another stupid experiment, and I don’t know whether it would be successful or not.

So, from sometime I’ve been doing this task of running daily in the evening to stay fit, otherwise (when all you do is sit in front of your laptop) you know one develops various kind of unhealthy symptoms and ultimately become unfit for even common usual tasks. 841 more words


On Ants and Humans

Ants – a subject I know little about, but one which fascinates me. I know I am not alone in this. Have you ever watched ants go about their daily activities for any extended period of time? 1,748 more words

Human Nature

I'm afraid of being shoved in a box: On being diagnosed

I hate being labeled. When I joined Facebook, I refused to answer most of those profile questions. I always feel like there’s more to me than these categories can convey. 1,199 more words


I’m Theoretically a Theoretical Physicist . . . . In Theory

Time for a little confession. I nearly flunked my college physics courses. Well, maybe I wasn’t close to flunking, but it sure felt like I was. 576 more words

Futurism And The Tomorrow Mill