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Chihaya Seal of Approval

Made another seal of approval – Chihaya seal of approval~


Passive Voice, Part Four: Breaking the By Law

            Last time I asked how you would convert the following passive-voice sentence to an active one using the “By Law.”


Screams of protest could be heard over Senator Fiasco’s speech.

764 more words

Moose, squirrel, and two guys in drag

It’s been a very long time since I attempted to write a script that did not involve the phrase “rollercoaster ride” as part of the description. 233 more words


The End Of A Love Affair  

In a previous post, I noted that I was having trouble cutting SOMEWHERE THAT’S NOT HOME down to a more publisher-friendly length.  I felt like I was stuck at 146,000 words with nothing left to cut. 270 more words


The REWRITE idea

So, I was on facebook, a place where I spend far too much time, and I found this link to a lovely little story about a guy who is a professional artist now, who came across some pictures he’d drawn when he was young.   191 more words

Writing Challenges

crank up the gibson

left hand glides up and down wooden neck
fingertips pressing string combinations
right hand motioning in time

fingernails pretend to be little plastic pieces
moving multiple strands and… 35 more words