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NAVY Nurse Who Refused To Force Feed Guantanamo Inmates Is Facing Court Martial

For what purpose is the American Constitution, if not to ensure our freedom to express our own, individual consciences?  Why was it written, if not to ensure that we could be and do what we know we must be and do? 52 more words

Police State

Café, je t'aime

I miss that feeling you get when you enter a coffee shop. The smell of roasted beans permeate the air and the spike of caffeine already reaches your veins even before the coffee touches your lips. 482 more words


The CDC Whistleblower Story Just Keeps Getting Better

“The story is growing, appropriately, as it should, for there is no denying that the CDC got caught with their pants down, and, consequently, their credibility is gone.  31 more words

Liars Vs Truthers

Give Her Wings

Winged eyeliner is revolution.

It’s a bold claim but it’s one I truly believe in.Fair warning, the beginning of this blog may seem like a first world problem, woe is me, poor little middle class girl but keep going through it, I swear I have a point.  328 more words

V for Vendetta


England prevails

When you turn on your television, or read the news you’ll notice the world is kind of a mess. I mean its probably always been this way, but the older I get the more I have been noticing the way the world works and that the injustices of history aren’t so far in the past as we’d like to believe. 

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Book Reviews


If It were a diamond or a chunk of gold the same size as me,
lying all alone in a field or a street somewhere far away; 278 more words


Knowing when to say when

I’m so glad NBC canceled Revolution.

Seems like an odd thing to say, since, particularly after the first season of the science-fiction-dystopian-future show, I was pretty high on it. 660 more words

Science Fiction