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Maybe We Got It Wrong...

This is probably not a good post for a U.S. national holiday but here goes anyway. Fools rush in where….

A few hundred years ago, which is a very short amount of time in world history, we were part of the Great British empire. 399 more words

Off The Top

Oh what do we do

When nothing seems like it will change? When you feel you have no impact on the wider world?

When a voice is so clear in your head that you want to shout about it and let everyone know, but you know nobody will listen.

The Fault in Our Democracy

One of the goals of our Revolution in 2011 was ending the tradition of military presidents-for-life and adopting an honest civilian democracy. From the day Mubarak stepped down and handed power to the military, things seemed to be improving, albeit very slowly. 1,865 more words

how long will you love me?

how long will you love me?
how did you come to know me
so well? you know now what it means when
I go for walks alone down 84th. 220 more words


Happy Labour Day

The time when robots are more productive than people, is becoming more of a reality each coming year.

The reactions to this video are mixed. Some are rejoicing to the idea of a labourless society, whereas others are worried about the increased competition for the scarce jobs that remain. 280 more words


Why Over Complicate?

Let me stimulate, perpetuate the love, fuck the hate, positivity, bringing it back to the seventies, groovy like a smoothie, gotta keep it gravy, wavy, see the way I dress it’s borderline classy, trying to focus in class and this girlie keeps looking at me, no more restrictions, I’m feeling free, mental slavery had me at one point in t i m e, but I stopped watching TV, now reality is really forreally, the visions that I see through my e y e’s are designed uniquely, a point of view that’s brand new, never in the past, and never again in the future, let me write my future, everyday I start anew, used to live in the avenues, but now I’m in downtown San Jose with a nice view, got the same crew, the same cool few, nothing’s changed but my address, let me address what I stress about. 32 more words


Arctic Meltdown: The Myth Exposed

Satellite images show Summer Ice Cap is thicker and has increased by 1.7 million square kilometres since 2012

5 Weasel Zippers / by Dapandico / 51min ago… 61 more words