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Music: Bari Allen '12'

#12 is Bari Allen’s debut single off his upcoming EP, Flamingo, set to be released in September. If you’ve never heard of Bari Allen, check out his Soundcloud right now! 28 more words

Saint Louis

Music: Chris Smith Jr 'Watch Me'

St. Louis native; Chicago resident, Chris Smith Jr., never lets us down. You remember Smeezy Dot Com & Retail. He’s back! Teasing us with his latest single Watch Me. 17 more words

Saint Louis

Why Apple's mobile-payments system might actually work

Despite a lot of investment and even more hype, mobile payments haven’t really taken off. While the idea of using a mobile phone or other device to quickly and securely pay for things sounds appealing, only between 3% and 7% of consumers in the US and Europe use their phones to buy coffee, books, or other physical goods in stores, … 792 more words

E-commerce growing locally thanks to Kitsap entrepreneurs.

Tad Sooter of the Kitsap Sun tells the story, “Kitsap County is home to a diverse collection of under-the-radar retailers, all harnessing the web to reach customers around the globe.”  75 more words


Drive your sales with the right attitude towards your customers (B2B with retailers)

I often hear that a salesperson is someone aggressive who would push to get orders. This is a mistake. Handling customers is about understanding, listening and finding the right words!This is to say, the contrary of aggressiveness. 478 more words

Shoe Shopping?... Again?

On a recent trip, my partner was poking fun at me as we were wandering the streets of Montréal when he asked “Don’t you need to look for shoes?” Of course, he was partly right in that no trip to Montréal is complete without at least a peek in some of the fine shoe stores. 726 more words