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Give it a Rest

I am tired and my butt hurts.

Is it time for a break yet?

How much longer?

Have these thoughts ever taken center stage in your mind during a bike ride?   1,396 more words


Give yourself a drink of water.

Let me ask a question.

How agitated are you?

I know. It’s like asking the witness when he stopped beating his wife. Sure there’s a presumption there but I don’t think I’m wrong. 967 more words

Yoga Philosophy

Tuesday Inspiration 9.2.14


I’ve had two strange dreams. One happened last week and one was a couple of months ago. I couldn’t figure out how I felt about the one from a couple of months ago and sort of hemmed and hawed until I forgot to write about it. 730 more words


Day 245: Curb

Maybe it’s because today was the first day back after a long weekend. Maybe it was all the catch-up I had to do. Whatever the cause, today wiped me out. 158 more words

Daily2 - Sept0214

‘The words I thought of earlier were better,’ I think as I sit here on a cloying night with a bowl of soup. One of those insects whose blood only moves in the summer is clicking outside. 52 more words

Resting in God, Living My Dreams

This morning I felt so tired and woke up again with lots of energy in the body and thoughts coming through. Agitation. A bit dejected. Not feeling that great. 970 more words